Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Been Awhile....

For starters, I would like to say that this year has started out very busy. I haven't had any time for anything crafty or creative and it was driving me batty. So I am back! I am going to the storage unit today to get my crochet supplies out again and I have been working on a few small projects lately.  One is a gift for someone so I can not reveal it here yet, but hopefully soon.  

I recently decided to play guitar. The transition from violin is fairly easy, I am learning the tab method now, but I have one small snag.  The guitar that I got (on craigslist for cheap) while awesomely acoustic with a great tone is a bit too big for me.  So now I am on a search for one that fits me a bit better. I like mine, but some of the reaches are almost impossible to make.

CrankyBear is doing well, Toad is doing an amazing job in 3rd grade and Monkey is reading beautifully now. Max is turning out to be a very well behaved dog and Squeaky is one oddball cat, but we love her. 

Well that is my update for now... pictures and new projects to come.
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Hello - It totally made my day to see my 'Tiddlywink' mentioned on your sidebar (a google alert told me about it). I thought you might enjoy a bonus 'Tiddlywink' story that hasn't made it into any of the available versions yet - you can find it here:

    Thank you! (tom lichtenberg)