Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yup, a giraffe. I have crocheted a great many things, scarves, hats, slippers, purses, wallets, blankets, and the list goes on.  For as much fun as I have had with all of that, I think I have had far more fun with animals lately.  In an effort to create something different I started with one animal and due to the sensitive nature that is gift giving, I can't post it yet, but the second has been just as much fun and both were very quick and easy.  Wait for it....

So, adorable right?!  I know, I know, he is missing his spots. I was too busy at work tonight to get them stitched on and now I am too tired to bother with it. They will be put on tomorrow.  Toad has asked me to make a dragon. I found an awesome pattern I like, but it looks as if it were written by an incompetent hobo with a crayon.  We will see how it turns out though, I can't wait to get started on it. I have to go by the storage unit and get my plastic tote full of crochet stuff and yarn.  There is some bright green yarn that would make a great dragon.  Monkey is asking for my giraffe.(and whatever else I make and want to give to her) She hasn't made any requests for any particular animal herself though.  Maybe after some sleep and a strong cup of coffee I will have to motivation to finish with the giraffe spots and then I can get a start on Toad's dragon.
I am off to sleep.  Good Night world.

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