Saturday, March 5, 2011

I get to decide when....

I get to decide when I allow my children to listen to music with explicit language. I get to decide when things are age appropriate for my children. It is not for anyone else to decide! I will raise these kids as I see fit!

Ok, sorry. Now that I have that out I can put down what happened to bring about such a rant. 
So, in the car this morning as I was taking the kids to swim lessons "I love my lips" from veggie tales ended and right after it is Black Eyed Peas--Boom Boom Pow (not the radio edit, definitely the explicit version). As usual I grabbed the iPod and flipped it before the song was in full swing and we then started listening to "Pirates who don't do anything" again veggie tales.  As I was changing the musical selection Toad pops up and says that her teacher at school let them listen to Black Eyed Peas--Boom Boom Pow in school the other day.  I asked her if it was the Kids Bop version that I let her listen to or the version that was just on the iPod that I changed. She said it wasn't Kids Bop. She also said that the paper her teacher gave them with the lyrics looked like someone had written a P over the T to cover up what would have spelled SHIT and make it look like SHIP, she also told the kids that the song said ship and not shit. 

What I would like to know is first, what does this song have to do with anything they could be doing in class, second, who the hell does she think she is to let them listen to something so inappropriate and then attempt to lie to them?!?!?!?

I listened to the song VERY carefully and counted, the word shit or shittin' is said 9 times! NINE TIMES! I allow the kids to listen to a lot of things, BUT when there is an abundance of explicit language one of 2 things happens: 1. they don't get to listen to it. 2. I find an edited version....i.e. Kids Bop, radio edit, non-explicit. 
The last thing I want is to promote things that are inappropriate for a 9 year old and 5 year old.

I will admit, I am no angel. I am far from it. I curb my language around the kids. Example: son of a bitch--son of a biscuit. Sometimes it slips and I say something I shouldn't in front of them, but as their MOTHER that is my choice. 

People want to talk all kinds of crap about the kids these days... mini thugs, juvenile delinquents, mouthy, no respect, no manners, trouble makers, running the streets. Then to top it off people want to ONLY blame the parents, that isn't fair. Some parents don't do what they should to raise the children right, but there are so many others who are involved in the children's lives that everyone needs to take a piece of the blame.  I don't think that just because Toad listened to a song that said SHIT 9 times, that she is going to be any of that, but IT WASN'T FOR THE TEACHER TO DECIDE THAT IT WAS APPROPRIATE.

Maybe next time she will decide that Mary Prankster singing her song "Mercy Fuck" is appropriate, or how about Nine Inch Nails "Closer". That's it, we will let them listen to "Closer" and then send them out into the world singing "I want to fuck you like animal, I want to feel you from the inside". 

Monday morning I am going to the school and confronting the teacher. I want to hear the version of the song that the kids listened to and see the hand out she gave them, if things are as Toad tells me, this teacher better start looking for other employment because I am going to raise hell about this.

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