Saturday, January 21, 2012

YAY for finished projects

I had no idea that when I was woken up this morning it would be to the sound of my Toad asking if I wanted breakfast in bed... after politely declining she responds with "but mom, it's the raisin bran with 2 scoops".  I think she was trying to say thank you for the girls night out. I took both of them to get their hair cut and while we were there the girl's best friends showed up to get hair cuts as well. Awesome surprise for them as well as dinner out with bff's afterward.  I was further driven out of bed this morning by the sound of these 2 girls squealing about snow.  Yes, we finally got a touch of snow and now winter can be over and go away.
The first deucedly annoying task for today was to clean the disaster that was the computer desk. I had forgotten how large this desk really is...  I had a whole list of other things to do, but as with any list I decided the more interesting things would get done next.  
There was one project I really wanted to get done and I am happy to say that it is finished and turned out pretty awesome.  Monkey helped A LOT, it is amazing how we every manage to do things with only 2 hand sometimes, I am very glad that I had her hands as extras to help.  I have been to Kohl's many times and always looked at the fabric/ribbon photo boards, but could never bring myself to spend that much cash on one. 
When I revamped the dresser into the kid's desk I saved the rectangle board from the bottom of one of the drawers, this turned out to be the perfect size for this project.  I had the fabric from a previous project (I bought the fabric at Ikea), and the ribbon I had bought at Walmart on clearance when they did away with the fabric department. 
Well, after 2 hours and a lot of hot glue gun burns here it is....

While I didn't get a lot done other than this and the cleaning of my tornado stricken desk, I would say today has been one pretty awesome Saturday.  Tomorrow though is when the real work begins. (it's laundry day)
Happy weekend.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello face lift!

It's a new year and to celebrate, I have a new look!  Happy 2012 everyone!
I did not really make a resolutions, but I can say that this year is going to be great! I am working hard on trying to make sure that in all of the craziness of life that I take a few moments to myself and do something I want to do. So far that has been to crochet items and work harder at selling them. I have a facebook page dedicated to this now Crafty Creations, I also have a Made it myself page to try and get my items out there. I know I won't get rich doing this, but it would be nice to make some extra cash as well as keep dying arts (like crochet) from becoming history.
I have my first real customer, so I have to get busy on getting the hat and scarf set for her done. I also have a baby gift to make for a friend, so with that I think I should hop off of here and post more later.
Hope you enjoy the face lift.
Here is a picture of one of my latest creations.
The winter blues set, a hat and scarf set for girls ages 7-12 with 3 interchangeable flowers.(only one flower shown for now) There is also a picture of a bubble gum pink baby girl hat I made. The one I made is sized for infants 0-3 months.  Toooo cute for words!