Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I can has brain transplant?!?!

The pediatrician has been a thorn in my side for some time now, but unfortunately with insurance and this clinic run the way it is I am left with very few options.  I was thinking if we could just stay away unless there was no other choice that we could get by, but I am seeing now that I really have to find another answer...

The most recent attack on my sanity by this woman  came tonight.  I had called Friday of last week and asked that a letter be faxed to the school nurse stating that Monkey is lactose intolerant so that she could have 2 juices with her lunch instead of milk. Thankfully Monday morning the nurse said she had the letter and would handle it. Now at this point I am thinking that this quack doctor finally got her crap together and is doing what we need her to do, I thought to soon.  Tonight I come home to find a letter on the table from the clinic, again I think "cool they sent me a copy too", again thought too soon.  I open it to find (yes) a copy of the letter that was faxed to the nurse. Now I know you are probably thinking "what is wrong with this?" well nothing, until you read the letter.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent. And I quote--

Ms. (nurse's name)
Our school

This letter is to notify that my patient Monkey Face has lactose intolerance, she only can has free lactose products.
Feel free to call meif you have any question.
 SCRIBBLE(docs name)
 TYPED(docs name)

 My only response at this moment is MICROSOFT HAS SPELLING AND GRAMMAR CHECK!!!


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