Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just call me diet wrecker...

I LOVE TO BAKE.  I can't help that I am great at making food that is not approved for any diet.  I decided today that since I didn't feel like doing anything else I would bake a treat for girl scouts.  Now awhile back I had made some crappy brownies out of a box and they were just terrible really, so today I made Rocky Road Brownies.  From scratch. Amazing. The girl scouts loved them and so did everyone else who has tried them. I love them.

These brownies(while heavenly) are not on ANY approved diet except the "see food" diet (you see it, you eat it). A thick cake brownie with mini marshmallows, and chocolate drizzle, and on some salted peanuts. I dirtied a lot of dishes and had powdered sugar and flour all over myself but it was so worth it.  
These pictures don't do them justice, unfortunately for you all, you will have to imagine how good they are.
Good night all.  Sweet Dreams (of my brownies, bwahahahaha)

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