Monday, March 14, 2011

Spray paint and Goodwill

What a busy day!!!   I dropped the kids off at school and decided to go poke around the Goodwill Store that is conveniently down the street. I like wondering around goodwill, you never know what you might find. I usually don't buy anything, but sometimes there is something that catches your eye for one of two reasons: 1. it is awesome just as it is and with a quick scrub you have found treasure...and 2. it has the potential to be awesome with a coat of paint and a DIY ability to change it up a little.  Today was a treasure day. I not only found a couple of awesome pieces that just needed a quick (or long) scrub, I also found a great piece of potential awesomeness.
 First the new fruit bowl, needed a good scrub, but is beautiful and will work wonderfully.

New fruit bowl cost $1 and about 5 min of washing.
 NEXT-- new hair tie bin/holder. We were using an old easter basket to hold hair ties and brushes, but this is so much prettier.

New hair tie bowl cost $2, tarnx to take it from BLACK back to silver $4 and about a half hour of time.
Now last but not least the new mirror. I saw this and instantly saw how awesome it could be...

Cornflower blue, faded, and pretty ugly but nothing I can't fix. I picked up some black spray paint and went to town...

Unfortunately there was something wrong with the can so it sprayed a big mess, but I still managed to get the job done.

Now it matches most of the other picture frames in the house and it will be duel duty.  I bought some cabinet handles (little round ones) that a brushed steel (plain but very nice) and I will put them on the bottom and use them as hangers for my keys. I am always laying my keys down somewhere and I can never find them, I wanted to find something that was decorative but I could hang keys on, now I have it.  I plan to hang this on the wall by the front door somewhere. It will be awesome.

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  1. Awesome finds! Reminds me that I need to get there to drop off the clothes [sitting in my car's back seat].