Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cinnamon rolls and Magnets (yes you read that right)

The house smells awesome and my table is covered in adorable magnets!  I made Cinnamon rolls from scratch this morning. They are delish, and they look awesome too.

It's ok to drool a little. I did. These were such a big hit I have been asked to make them again. 
So on the the next task, after some serious cleaning of our patio (they will be starting patio inspections tomorrow) I started making magnets. They are super cute and fairly easy to make.
check them out for yourself, the first picture is my coffee table with the mess all over and they other 2 are the unfinished and finished magnets.

Well it is off to sleep for this tired crafter.
good night world.  I will post more in the morning on the process for making the magnets. They are just too cute not to have.

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