Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, the stress of it all, but sweet release...

While I may be stressed to the hilt at the moment, there is a release coming soon. Tomorrow is crunch day, I have to spend the day packing and getting ready to go. Saturday morning we leave to go visit some friends and family and enjoy a much deserved vacation.
Trip plan:
     1. Leave 4/16 early---drive to Iowa
     2. Stay at hotel until 4/22 and visit with friends and fam in the area
     3. Leave 4/22 and head down to see the World's Largest Rocking Chair
     4. From the chair we head down to visit with my mom
     5. Spend a few days with my mom and enjoy Easter
     6. Leave my mom's and stop at the World's Largest Catsup Bottle
     7. Drive home.
So it looks not near as drastic as it truly is... This trip is going to be a heroing experience. I am taking the kids and the dog and going it alone. I feel lucky that I have enough confidence in my kids and our dog that I could plan this trip and not be totally freaked out. I am sure we are bound to have our moments, but I am also sure that the girls are going to do EVERYTHING they can to make sure this trip goes well... I told them that if it did not we would not be making anymore trips like this ever.  They are also aware that I planned some fun stuff for them along the way and that I wouldn't make them sit through torture and not do something fun. I event booked a hotel with an indoor pool for them and have told them to pack their pool stuff.  
I have (slowly, but surely) been getting things together, mostly snacks and entertainment for the trip, but I did laundry last night, so tonight or tomorrow I will pack all of the clothes up and then we will be almost ready to leave. Friday night everything is getting packed into the truck, I plan to leave EARLY Saturday morning, like I want to be on the road by 6am.  Toad is NOT a morning person, she will be a cranky mess. Monkey will just be whiny, but hopefully they will crash back out for a couple of hours.  I also have to pack up all of the dog's stuff, blankets, pillow, toys, food, treats, extra poop bags, leash, harness, and bandanna...oh and his crate.
Well I guess I am going to sit and enjpy the inability to do anything for the trip while I sit here at work and I will post pictures of the trip when I can.

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