Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rant, rant, rant...

People are always talking about why this country is falling apart, the causes for the economic hardship, the reason this country is on a fast track to nowhere.  I hear a lot of mess about politics, excuses, and blame, but the one thing I don't ever hear is the truth. I know that there are MANY factors contributing to why this country is falling apart, I would like to focus on just one today.  Call it what you will, I call it " A Lack Of Work Ethic" ALOWE for short.  This encompasses the self serving, instant gratification, "what can I get for nothing" attitude that a great many have ingrained into them from a young age.  It is sad and unfortunate that there are so many people that would do just about anything to get by without having to actually put any effort into it. 

These people with "ALOWE" are those people you work with that: show up late (and don't care), that don't care about the quality of work, that don't actually do any real work(until someone important is looking), that will take credit for the work that you did, that talk insane amounts of crap about you(how lazy you are, and what a crappy job you do when you do something). 

VERY easy to identify this group. It doesn't take long for them to show their true colors when someone higher up isn't around.  These folks also show a complete lack of respect for anyone or anything else.

These are the people that are causing a great deal of trouble. The come in all forms, and are not only a drain on the community, work place, government, and people around them, they are a drain on co-workers sanity.

Hopefully in time we can out-number these "ALOWE Civilians", make this country a better place, and bring back all those jobs that got out-sourced to countries where people don't mind a little hard work(they actually tend to thrive on it). There is nothing wrong with a bit of hard work, anything worth having takes effort. Sacrifices have to be made and while I would love to sacrifice the folks who coast through life doing little to nothing to get by and taking credit for the work that others have done, it is illegal.  I think that falls under that "it's illegal to kill stupid people" thing. 

 So, here's to hard work, a great work ethic, trying your best, and not bring loaded weapons to work.

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