Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is blissful ignorance really possible?

There is a part of me that knows all too well the goings on of the world around me yet I don't.  I am finding that the longer I live without TV the happier I am.  Don't get me wrong, we own a TV and a dvd player, you will even find a wii sitting next to the TV, but there is no cable. I used to have a converter box....I almost miss it.  Channel 2 was good at keeping me up to date about things, but as life goes, the converter box stopped working.  It has been months now and while I still miss PBS and the operas, ice skating, concerts, and such, although I am finding others ways to expand upon the knowledge and culture in my life.  Today I downloaded Voltaire to my nook and plan on spending a good amount of time reading. First thing is first--dinner and a movie with the kids.

so shut off the TV and expand your mind tonight,

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