Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It has been awhile...

Things have been crazy.  The month of October is the busiest month of the year for us.  Toad turned 9 years old on the 30th, and of course Halloween.  Seems like the whole month was prep for one big weekend.
Toad's birthday was an awesome success, lots of friends and family, great food, and a sleepover to boot. Halloween was awesome, Hermione and the Pretty Kitty trick or treated til they couldn't walk anymore and we have more candy now than any one household should.
The weather is turning cold and the shopping center I work in has started preping for Christmas already.  Seems like every year this holiday season starts earlier and earlier.  I will not give in! Our tree will NOT go up until after Thanksgiving.  I would like to start shopping for christmas a little sooner this year just so that i can get it all done without the last minute rush.  I am hoping to not be heading out for any black friday shopping, but we will see what the ads say and what the kids want.
 So above we see Toad giving bunny ears to a friend in an already funny position. How she got frosting in her hair we will never know.  Below we see Monkey as a "Pretty Kitty" and Toad as Hermione(again with the bunny ears)
 Below is Toad on her first day back to school as a 9 year old.  She was very happy that the new jeans she got while shopping with her Aunt didn't have the adjustable waistband. She said it was a sign she was growing up. (which has nothing to do with it, the poor kid has been wearing size 6/6x clothes for 3 years now) She looks adorable in all of her sassy attitude here.

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