Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Already

Well, of course I have to work today, but in other news....I set my clocks back last night so there wouldn't be any confusion today. I got my hair cut last night.  If i hadn't gone I would have taken the clippers to my head last night. 
So i was going to make a quick post from work yesterday, but something happened at work and we have no phones or internet.  Not only does this make it very quiet (no phone), but has also taken away my boredom be gone.  We have windows 98 at work and while I can't do much I can goof off online here or on facebook without too many issues, but for now that is all over, as well as doing any actual work.  I can't enter in any orders or even log in and out.  Oh well.  I will have to take something to occupy my time today, I did read for a good bit yesterday, but I think I might take something else to do too.

Well Monkey is begging me to make pancakes and I have had an entire cup of coffee so I guess it is time to start on the pancakes.  Enjoy some Garfield.

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