Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking about a major change.

Right now I work for a company that isn't doing well. The company filed chapter 11 (reorganization) bankruptcy and it is taking some time to go through. The chinese company that makes most of our furniture is supposed to be buying us out, but they won't be making any changes to upper level personnel, so they will just run it into the ground again.  A friend calls last night and says that there have been talks of shutting down all of the stores except upper NJ and NY. Good-bye Job.  I saw this coming, I have said since day one that there was no way we were going to come out on the other side of this ok, but I was trying to ignore the signs.  Well it is time to stop ignoring things.  I (of course) do not like change and will do a lot to avoid it, but I have to jump. I am working for the titanic and one half already went down....we are bobbing along waiting to go under.  I am scared, confused, and would much rather just pretend that everything is ok, but I can see it is time to take action.  I don't know what that action will be exactly yet.   I know I have one choice, but there have to be other choices out there.  I work in sales and I want away from sales.  I used to love my job. I used to enjoy people coming into the store, but now I don't know.  I have had to deal with so much crap and it's crap that if I worked for someone else I probably wouldn't have to deal with.  I want to find a place where I am treated as an employee should, a place where there is a chance that I will thrive.  I started to here, but then they fell apart, it is hard to make sales and do well when people aren't coming in to buy.  I think for now I will take some time to make the right decision.  I have a lot to think about and I am tired of failing.  I want to actually make a decision and have it turn out for the better.  I really want to stop floundering around and be somewhere where I can make a career for myself, something I can do well at a place where I am not treated as slave labor.  I have plenty of time today to think on is a rainy rainy day and NO ONE will be out and coming to see me, so while I am at work today I will think long and hard on this.

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