Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get away weekend...

As I am sitting here at work a few things keep running through my head...
1. how badly I need to do some cleaning at home and how much it's sucks I can't get anything done while I sit here at work.
2. the projects that I need to get finished.
3. what my plans are for getting things done on friday.
and last but not least.
We are part of the Mid Atlantic Hammock Hangers Association and everyone is getting together for a camping weekend Oct 15-17.  I can't wait...I can't wait to get out there. Crankybear even said that this time (instead of taking the service trail) that we could take the AT in.  No electronics besides the camera, no kids, no dog, and most of all no worries.  Food, friends, hammocks, and nature.  Hopefully the weather holds out for us, I don't mind too much but rain will definately make for an icky weekend.  Last MAHHA hang I froze, it was in April, so awesome days and cool evenings and I think one of the nights it dropped down to 32 degrees, but it was still an awesome time and I am much better prepared this year.  One of the guys is going to make breakfast and there will be a potluck Saturday night.  I am thinking that for the potluck I will make something...I jsut don't know what to make. I want to make something with a fall flare, but it has to be something that will keep in a cooler and would be best if I didn't need to reheat it and something that won't cost me my left arm and right leg.  Hrrrmmmmmmmmm.....   I guess it is time to hit up the cook books and get the ideas rockin'.  Not much longer and I won't have much time for prep.  Anyone have any ideas add them in the comments, it would be great to have some input. 
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