Monday, September 27, 2010

The general problem.

So another day has passed and I did not get done everything I either need or wanted to do.  I worked and picked up the kids, we had dinner, and went to dance class, and now the kids are in bed.  I had hoped to work on a pair of slippers that I wanted to crochet, but didn't have the right hook with me at work. Instead I worked on a wallet for a friend, but didn't have my weaving needle to weave in the ends when I was done, so I couldn't give it to her today like I hoped.  I think I need a small white board with a "to do" list that I can just put up what I want to get done and then erase what does get done. Tomorrow is a new day with a laundry list of stuff to do.
1. Call verizon to find out why my home phone bill is $90! (can we say rip off?!!!)
2. Take apart dresser to save pieces I want to make the desk
3. Therapist appointment with Toad
4. Make windbreaker for Crankybear.
I think I will stop there, if I add too much more I will never get anything done tomorrow.  These are the big things I need to get done, and of these number 3 is at 10 am and number 4 HAS to get done tomorrow. Number 1 is also Highly important--well I know why the bill is so high....Verizon allows 3rd party billing--I could have swore I had it blocked, but there is some mess on here for EZOnlineDiet monthly service fee, and another one for MembersEdge Email service (this one I already have a confirmation # and that will be credited back to my bill).  I think when I call verizon tomorrow we will discuss my switch to Comcast, see if that doesn't get them to do something about this bill.  For what I pay for the phone I could get phone service and cable.  We shall see.
Oh, here is a picture of the wallet I made a while back....the one I made today(this isn't quite finished yet) looks almost has a different button.

This wallet is perfect for the basics--check card, ID, costco card, maybe even a little cash.  I wish I could remember exactly how I made it, I hate when I don't work from a pattern and can't remember what I did.
I also had a parent of a child in dance ask how much I would charge her for a pair of leg warmers for her daughter.  I need to do some research and make a test pair, but I told her $10, that will cover the yarn and it will give me something to do at work.
Well I am going to relax a bit and then head to bed.

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