Sunday, September 26, 2010

Looking ahead at the week..

Of course being home, there are many reminders of the things that must be done.  The pile of craft stuff I need to put away, the kids' old dresser that I was going to take to the dumpster, but now I have decided to dismantle it to make a child size desk, the white board calender that runs my life, and the children talking about all of the fun things for the week.  I LOVE my white board calender, I actually have 2 up---one shows the month we are in and one with next month.  Work schedules, school functions, birthday parties, dance, swim, girl scout stuff, sleep overs.....everything gets written on the white board.  This week is no different than any other week, Crankybear works Monday (firefighter/paramedic--24 hour shift) I work Monday, dance class Monday night, Tuesday there is a therapist appointment and I HAVE to get a windbreaker done for Crankybear, Wed I work and both girls have girl scouts, Thur I work, Friday Crankybear works, I am off, it's grandparents day at school, and Saturday I work late and the kids have swim lessons.   We are busy peoples.  The week will fly by and by next week I will be wondering what happened to this week.  Should be a great week ahead.  I think I will pick up some more yarn and see if I can't get an afghan and a matching pair of slippers crocheted for my mom for christmas.   I have really got to buckle down and get started on gifts or I will never get done.    I like this afghan but I will use a nice soft yarn for it, I might also use some different colors----     Then the slippers will just be some matching colored mary jane styled.   Should make her quite happy.

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