Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It is decided!

I will be making pumpkin pie fudge to take on our get away weekend.  I wanted to take something warm and filling like a stew or something, but the logistics are just not working out. Also with the time constraints I am always under it is better that I make something I can prepare a good bit in advance and store until it's time to go.  Fall flavor and easy packing should be a winner. I think I may also make some pumpkin cookies. I found an awesome recipe for some glazed pumpkin cookies that have more of a cake tecture...with all of the moisture in them it will be easy to store those for a good amount of time before we go.
I have to get my shopping list together tonight, I am going grocery shopping Friday so I will pick up everything I need then and probably make a test batch of both that way I know how they will turn out and then as we get closer I will make the batches to take out there.  Oh, so excited.  I can't wait to get started. 
Well I spent my day here at work crocheting a pair of slippers, unfortunately with all of the interuptions I didn't get them done

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