Saturday, October 9, 2010

New car blues

I want my new car. Ok, well, not new but new to me.  I wasn't expecting to get a new car so soon, but I can't pass this up.  My car is falling apart around me and I need to ditch it while they will still give me something for it. So I took my booty into CarMax and looked....I didn't really see much I liked or was willing to pay that much for.  I went home and looked online to see what else I could find and to my surprise found something that met ALL of my criteria.  SUVish, decent gas milage(at least better than my current), 5 seatbelts, cargo space, low miles, and good price.  I found a 2001 Pontiac Aztek in amazing condition, 49,364 miles on it, cargo room, 5 seatbelts, better gas milage than my car and price $8,995.   If I don't jump on this now than who knows when I will find another deal like this again.  This is a rare find. Also one owner with and clean history report.  I went and saw it last night, looks better in person, and drives very nice. I also had them apraise my car....   I would have been LUCKY to get $1,500 for my car....they offered me $1,700.   WWWOOOOOOHHHHOOOOO.   
Tuesday is "D" day  (deal day).  I am taking Crankybear with me and we are going to see what can be worked out....  I think I have all my ducks in a row and I want to walk in prepared.  I have to call my insurance guy monday and give him the vin and see how much the Aztek will lower my insurance.  He already said that with the safety features and ratings it should lower it a good bit considering my car is a death  I did a lot of research today on safety ratings for both vehicles and realized that my car is scary unsafe and the aztek is much better.     Really I kind of feel like a grown up now. I personally think that the aztek body style is ugly, but I am not buying it to be pretty or cute...I am buying for the practical application of the features it provides.  I think Crankybear would have stepped in and squashed all of this before now if I had been looking at something small and cute just because I liked the way it looked.  I think it would be awesome to get a little sporty something that is FUN to drive and doesn't leave much room for others, but I do have kids and a dog and we like to do things together so that is not a practical option, plus it would probably cost a lot more.  
I can't wait til Tuesday.   I took the kids with me last night to see it and ride in it....they love it!

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