Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creativity......where did you go??

Some how I feel like I have lost my creativity, so in hopes of finding it I am taking my camera out with me tomorrow.  Plan A is to try and find and take pictures of faces I see in inanimate objects. Plan B take a bunch of pictures with magnifying lenses on and see if I can get close enough to make it hard to identify what it truly is a picture of or get a funky angle on it so we are looking at something in a way we wouldn't usually look.   Either way I will have spent the day trying to open my eyes and mind to the world around me.  I gotta quite letting all of the monotonous day to day stuff drag me down.  My photography has suffered, my painting has suffered, my crochet has suffered, my brain has suffered.
Tomorrow----Picture day!

This is a funky angle picture I took while we were at Luray Caverns.

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