Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Germ Attack

Wow.  Toad is already sick.  I picked to girls up from school today after hanging out at JoAnne Fabrics and of course the first thing Toad says is "mom, my head hurts".  So I proceed to question her in an attempt to diagnose what may be causing this, normal questions like "when did it start? where does it hurt? DID YOU GO TO THE NURSE? is anything else bothering you, or has anything else been bothering you? She answers everything and then tells me that she didn't got to the nurse, so I ask why and she says it was because her teacher would not let her.  Now I completely understand that teachers may have to say no about kids going to the nurse if they are "frequent flyers" but there are some children that SHOULD go to the nurse.  Toad has to take a fair few medications to get through the day, there is quite the array of uppers and the downer she takes at night, so when she says she has a headache there is a little more going on than just a simple wish to get out of class.  When a child (you know) takes meds to get through the day complains of a headache, dizzyness, chest pains, or serious fatigue that SHOULD be a red flag to say "HEY, send that kid to the nurse, where in turn the nurse will check the child's blood pressure.  Maybe I am just over cautious or over protective.  Luckily this seems to be nothing more serious than possibly the flu i.e. fever, chills, headache, tired, loss of appetite, general crappy feeling. So we will all hope for Toad to get better quick and in the meantime I am going to have a little chat with the school nurse (who will hopefully talk to her teachers) about this whole "not sending kids to the nurse thing".
In other news I have a headache from today's mess, the dog is barking at nothing, the weather is cold, and I am heading to bed. Goodbye Tuesday!

This is how our dog says goodbye to rough days.
(that REALLY is our dog)

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