Friday, August 5, 2011

Sparkle Booty jeans on the supply list?!?!?!

Some how every year the school supply list gets longer and more ridiculous. If I remember correctly when I was younger my mother griped about buying tissues for the class, but most everything else was just for my personal use, I must say though, I have seen a disturbing trend involving school supplies.  Part of the list is made up of specific items that are almost as impossible to find as the pot of gold that is supposedly at the end of the rainbow, part of the list is made up of things that I know my kids will use, but they ask for extra, and the rest of the list is comprised of items that make you wonder where your tax dollars are going.  Easiest way to explain this is by example, so here goes.
Specific and hard to find items---3 inch binder--now I wanted to buy a nicer one that would hopefully last the school year, but not spend an arm and leg (just the arm). After hours of searching and finding nothing under $20, I spent $12 on a binder with 2 sets of 1 and 1/2 inch rings...the equivalent to a 3 inch binder. It will have to do.
Items I know my kids will use, but they have asked for extras---3boxes of plain yellow pencils!!!!  So, I am buying pencils for every kid in class who's parents don't keep extra pencils at home!?  That is exactly the case!
Last but not least, the items that make you wonder where your tax dollars are really going--hand soap?! sanitizer?! They hold fundraisers for technology(like promethean boards) but do not have the funds for the children to wash properly?!?!! Hold a fundraiser for soap! and of course what school year would be complete unless I bought ziploc bags in various sizes, and lysol wipes?!  

Well, everything is bought, and I have to sit and separate everything and label it with each child's name, if for no other reason than to let the teacher know who actually got what was on the list so later in the year they don't come begging me for more.

Now for the fun, what school year would be complete without a few new clothes? NONE.  So while we were out today I found a couple of awesome deals I couldn't pass up and neither could the kids.  I found some nice shirts at walmart and khols, but I think the best find was at walmart. Monkey has had a nice growth spurt this year and doesn't really fit any of her jeans anymore, she has been wearing a lot of Toad's clothes because none of hers were fitting. While at walmart we spotted some jeans marked down to $6 a pair. Monkey HAD to spend almost 10 minutes looking through them all to find her size in the sparkly jeans. They fit her perfect and she is in need of new jeans, but I was a bit shocked to see how quickly school supplies turned into sparkly booty jeans.  

All in all it was a great day off. Enjoyed shopping with the kids, had lunch at taco bell, paid my car insurance for the month, went to the pool, had dinner and relaxed watching movies with the zoo. I am dreading tomorrow! First, I don't want to go to work, and second, I don't want to deal with the talking about my resignation.  I haven't gotten a response after sending it last night, but I am sure it was received and I can just hear the mess now... ugh! 

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