Friday, August 12, 2011

Gear Making hiccups

Every kid wants their own things. Knowing this I decided to make camp stools for the girls to take on our annual family camping trip.  After some research I decided to go simple and just make a little fold up flat stool out of pvc pipe and fabric.  I stopped a few days ago at the hardware store and got all of the pvc pipe and fittings I needed and came home to mixed reactions.  The girls helped me clean the pipes and Crankybear helped me cut a few of the pipes a little shorter.  Well after some work I got one put together and tested it under my butt and it held. I begged Crankybear to try it and I don't know who won but it was hilarious. The fabric gave way to his butt and he landed on the floor.

I will be making new seats obviously. This is the one I got pretty much done and the one that Crankybear sat on after I sat on it. 
In other news. We are almost ready for our camping trip, work is trying to find a replacement for me, and I have had an enjoyable day off today.  Max went to the groomers today, he smells nice and looks sweet. Although I don't think he really likes getting his picture taken...

The second one makes him look kind of chubby. He isn't, but has a good amount of extra skin.  Well it has been a long day and I am pooped. Off to bed for me so I can post another

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