Friday, September 30, 2011

Unemployed and anxious.

Not all of my choices are the best, and I proved it once again. I thought I had found another job that would be better than where I was, that was wrong.  I had left my sales position to clean houses with the promise of higher pay and no nights and weekends. There is no way to explain how excited I was...  But that ended after a month.
I was lied to, used and fired a month after starting. After some serious job hunting that day, I have an interview scheduled for Sunday.  The most frustrating part is trying to figure out how to pay bills and keep myself occupied while I am home.  So far it has entailed some cooking, crafting, and cleaning. 
There is a new show on called The Chew and of course I swiped a recipe (sort of) from them. The Apple Ring Pancakes that were made on the first show looked awesome. Now while I couldn't get the actual recipe I had the basic idea, so I took some apples, peeled them and sliced them, cored them, and dipped them into pancake batter with a little all spice. They were amazing!  I made enough to stick in the fridge for the children to warm up all week for breakfast and the kids finished them this morning. I have to make more tomorrow to stick in the fridge by special request. :)  I am super happy the kids liked them so much.
The crafting I have done has really just been about flowers. I have been making some paper flowers and satin flowers. I don't know yet what I want to use the paper flowers for, but they are pretty neat and easy to make. The satin flowers are a little more time consuming, but look great on hair ties and head bands.  I will have to take some pictures once I figure out what I want to do with the paper flowers and I will take pictures of all of the flowers and post them.

We are also getting ready for the fall MAHHA(mid-atlantic hammock hangers association) Hang. This year we are taking Toad with us as a special birthday gift to her. She is super excited and I can't wait to get her out with us. Her and I will be geocaching most of the weekend while all of the super hammock enthusiasts talk about gear.  I love going, but I am not a gear junkie, so I really don't care about all of the new and crazy things going on, it's just nice to see friends and enjoy a great weekend camping.
Well I am off to watch a movie with the kids and start planning the geocaches we will be finding.

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